Destroy Vibrations
Vibrations Destroy Performance. It's Time to Destroy Vibrations


Customized and scalable precision balancing solutions.

Areas of Expertise



Although our technology was developed and refined in the early 1980s by bringing previously unheard of levels of smoothness to helicopter rotors and blades (winning multiple awards), our Vibrations Intelligent Balancing Solution (VIBS) has been successfully fielded against more than 100 helicopter models, as well as fixed-wing aircraft ranging from Cessnas to C-130s.


Performance RacinG

Whether at 9000 RPM for NASCAR, or 18000 for Formula One, vibrations represent lost energy and therefore lost performance. Through our patented technology and process, IVT reclaims that energy and transforms it back into HORSEPOWER. If you are interested in an extra 5-15hp, let us know. (PS-be sure to warn your driver(s) not to not take the curve based on the level of vibration anymore...)



While most believe low-RPM blades represent the greatest challenge in reducing wind turbine vibrations, high and low-frequency vibrations from the driveshaft and associated components represent one of the greatest sources of premature wear and failure on these million dollar platforms. Our technology, and partnerships with university research labs, have revolutionized dynamic balancing in this arena. 

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial Turbine.jpeg

Industrial turbines, check. Automotive manufacturing, check. Whether developing balancing solutions for major, international customers, or building custom sensors and lasers to implement those solutions, IVT has the technical, programmatic and operational expertise to improve your product and process reliability, customer satisfaction and bottom line. 


Whether you want your racing craft to run faster, your yacht to run smoother, or your submarine to run quieter with a previously unknown acoustic signature, we've done it all. Through balancing driveshafts, screws, props and blades, your craft will run better than it ever has before (we will even let your manufacturer know the mold for their components isn't balanced if you wouldn't be the first time).  


Precision Balancing

Turbine Cutaway.jpeg

Basically, if it spins, we can typically balance it. Whether low RPM platforms such as wind turbines, or high RPM platforms such as NASCAR driveshafts or industrial turbines, our patented technology brings results. Oh, by the way, our team has the smoothest-running ceiling fans in the business...a fringe benefit of working for IVT we guess :)